To apply for the Arcana Antiques & Oddities Blogger Team, please read the following:

Your avatar must be 2 month or older.

  • Your blog must be 6 months or older.
  • Your blog must be active – at least one or more posts per week.
  • Your blog must contain clear and high resolution photos.

 If you feel you meet these requirements, please send a notecard to Morgana Brid (morganabrid.resident) with the following information or fulfill the form at the end of this page.

 Tittle your notecard “Avatar name – Blogger Application – Date”.

 Inside the notecard please include:

  • Your Full Avatar Name.
  • Your Avatar birth date.
  • Your blogs URL/Link and any other blogs you may blog for.
  • The kind of item you are interested in post about (decor, furnitures, homes and/or textures)

 If your application is aproved by Arcana you…

 Will receive each new launching of the type of item about which you post.

Will receive an invitation to our Bloggers Team Subscriber and the Initial Blogger Pack.

Your blog will be part of the Blogroll of our Web.

Commit yourself to post about one of each three deliveries that you receive.

 Arcana holds the right to refuse any applicant if we feel one does not meet our terms. Also we hold right to cancel discount to anyone, at anytime with no explanation given, but you will be sent a notecard to let you know it has been removed.


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